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Included are:
      Bullet  Free Business plan tools, including
         spreadsheets and  instructions.
     Bullet Free Business analysis systems.
     Bullet Free Excel functions glossary and
     Bullet Free Glossary of financial terms.
     Bullet Free Training courses for most
        Microsoft Office applications.
     Bullet Free Suite of online calculators.
     Bullet Free DIY business analysis system.
     Bullet Free Library of over 600 common
        business templates.
     Bullet Free 100s of downloads of business
     Bullet Free Product Instructions Manual.
     Bullet Free Product Demo.
     Bullet Free Budget analysis system.
     Bullet Free Excel dashboard system.
     Bullet Free Break-even analysis training
     Bullet Free Micro Charting analysis system.
     Bullet Free CEO business analysis system.

There are over 1,000 charts available in Free downloads and Free analysis systems.










Below is listed all of the FREE key Analysis Systems found on our Business Planning web page. CLICK HERE for the site page.
 1. Small Business Plan Creation.This is
      a Must!

 2. Business Plan - Excel 2000+

 3. NeoToys: An assortment of really cool Excel  spreadsheets for Business Plans.
   1) 2 Balance Sheets
   2) 5 Income Statement Worksheets
   3) 2 Cash Flow Worksheets
   4) 1 Comprehensive Ratio Analysis
   5) 1 Trial Balance Worksheet
   6) 2 Charts that can be easily adjusted to
        almost any data.All configured for
        printing and professional in 


 4. Strategic Planning For  The Small Business - The Strategic Plan is  the process by which we can envision the future and  develop the necessary procedures and operations to  influence and achieve that future. It is the life-support  system that, if followed, assures your business a  successful future. There are the 10 absolutes of a  Strategic Plan.
 5. Estimating Startup Capital For Excel® 2000. Before going to the bank you must know how much  capital is needed to start your new business. This  worksheet helps you do it.

 6. Loan Tree. Evaluate your business with this  cool tool.
 7. 5 Year Projections For Excel 2000+ - This worksheet estimates the key  financial figures for a small business over five years.  The projections include abbreviated income and cash flow  statements, and a balance sheet.
 8. Annual Budget Forecast - 5  Profit Centers  - Annual budget for your  business, outline format, showing breakdowns by quarter,  site and expense category, for the Fiscal Year. Enter  your categories and numbers. Excel 2000+.
 9.Average Selling Price Analysis For Excel  2000 - This worksheet helps you calculate the average  selling price for multiple products sold across multiple  distribution channels. It also calculates the simple  average selling price of the products sold in each  channel.

 10.Bad Debt Analysis - This is a 3 step workbook.  You enter the data and it does the rest. Track how others  are using your money at no interest.

 11. Breakeven Analysis Workbook - Calculate your  breakeven with this stand-alone Excel worksheet.
 12. Breakeven Chart Analysis - For Excel  2000+ -  Calculate your breakeven with this simple  worksheet.

13.Breakeven Simple Chart Analysis - For  Excel 2000+ - Calculate your breakeven with this simple  worksheet.
14. Ratio Analysis For Excel 2000+ This  workbook produces 12 important financial ratios. These  ratios belong to four basic categories: profitability  ratios, liquidity ratios, activity ratios, and leverage  ratios. Detail explanations of each ratio included on  each worksheet.
 15.Small Business Tools - How to use Excel's Small  Business Tools. The Small Business Planner, Mail Manager,  Customer Manager, Financial Manager explained with  graphics. MS Word 2000+.
 16. SWOT Assessment  Using the Malcolm Baldrige Model
 SWOT = Strengths,  Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Strengths and  weaknesses are internal to a company (i.e. they can be  directly influenced by company action or inaction).  Opportunities and threats are external to the company  (i.e. circumstances which may or may not arise in the  outside environment and over which the company has no  control). So the purpose of a SWOT is to actively promote  the identified strengths, minimize weaknesses by planning  them out of existence, exploit the opportunities before  the window closes and have contingency plans in place to  minimize threats before they materialize.
 17. The Balanced  Scorecard
 Moving into the small business arena, the Balanced  Scorecard (BSC) concept was created by Drs. Robert S.  Kaplan and David P. Norton in 1992, and has been  implemented in corporations, organizations, and  government agencies worldwide.
 The Balanced Scorecard allows organizations to implement  strategy rapidly and effectively by integrating the  measurement system with the management system. Based on  the simple premise that “measurement motivates”, the  Balanced Scorecard has been integral to the success of  organizations throughout the world.
 18. Business Plan  Creation - This is a must have.



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